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UPDATE 5/21/2020: We miss you and are looking forward to having you back--but not all at once! We will be slowly opening June 1st, 2020 with limited staff accepting staggered appointments. Due to the recent closure, liability, and the nature of our business, we have restructured to now have all independent contractors at both locations. We are now accepting appointments for June online or by contacting your therapist or esthetician directly (see website and team page for contact info.).

The temporary hold on gift cards during our restructure is now lifted and you can use your Michelle's Massage Therapy gift card, special deal, or package with anyone in our network at either location until December 31st, 2020. After this date, all gift cards and packages purchased through Michelle's Massage Therapy may be redeemed with Michelle in O'Fallon or anyone at our Maryville, IL location. Any expiration dates will be extended by 2 months and all certificate values will be honored past expiration.

Due to the closeness of our work, an additional consent form is required for you to review and sign prior to your appointment. Please view it before your appointment to avoid having to cancel last minute. You may bring in a signed copy or sign one when you arrive.

Please note: Masks are a "recommendation" for businesses opening and not a requirement. Masks are optional for both clients and staff so please do whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. Our goal is for everyone to feel relaxed and get the much needed relief from stress and tension. If you prefer a staff member who wears a mask, please note in your appointment request. If you have any questions, please e-mail: me@michellesmassagetherapy.com

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Meet our Team
Michelle Kingston
LMT, CNMT--Maryville Manager
Hello and thank you for reading our team page! I integrate massage modalities such as neuromuscular therapy, ashiatsu, and reflexology to offer pain management and stress relief massage for chronic and acute conditions. My passions outside of massage are my family, natural healthcare/fitness, and music. I am currently studying to become a licensed professional counselor so I can learn to integrate talk therapy with bodywork--focusing on releasing trauma in the body. I will be starting my internship in the Fall (delayed from Spring 2020 due to COVID closures). My schedule will be limited as I finish up my degree, but I will return with more hours after completion of requirements. If you would like to book with me, I am available at either location and can be reached the fastest via e-mail: me@michellesmassagetherapy.com or by cell: 618-975-6840. I am also a certified Ashiatsu instructor with Deepfeet--the original source in the U.S. for barefoot massage training. You can see my schedule of classes at deepfeet.com.
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Devin Lawrenz
BS, LE-O'Fallon Manager
I graduated from New Image Technical Center in O'Fallon, IL in 2018 and became a licensed esthetician. I love offering relaxing and customized facials in our spa! I can be available at either location, and online booking is available currently in O'Fallon.

I also have my Bachelor of Science in Operations Management. I have nearly nine years of combined banking and hotel professional experience in implementing on-site business processes. I have a 10-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son. You can reach me at: Devinlawrenz409@gmail.com or 209-559-7821

More about Devin
Paula Tubbs
CPDA, LMT-Maryville location
I am Paula Tubbs, C.P.D.A (Certified Permanent Dermal Artist), Permanent Cosmetics Specialist. I have been certified since 2017 through Susan Church Permanent Cosmetic School, California. I am certified to do all cosmetic tattoo procedures including eyeliner, eyelash enhancement, eyebrows, lip liner, full lip color, areola, scar camouflage, hair simulation, lightening and color correction. I love completing these cosmetic tattoo procedures to help people experience the many benefits of permanent cosmetics. Each of my clients' procedures will be customized to their specific cosmetic request or need. I use three layers of anesthesia so most won't feel much pain. My clients' satisfaction and happiness with their procedures will always be my number one priority.

Please see our services page for a look at some of Paula's work. She is currently available in Maryville for cosmetics and massage therapy by request. Please contact us via e-mail through our online booking system with questions.
More about Paula
Alex Hunsche
LMT-Maryville location
My name is Alex Hunsche, I graduated from the Body Therapy Center School of Massage in 2014. Since then I’ve been working as massage therapist, and in 2018 received my Bachelors in Exercise Science from SIUE. Being an athlete for most of my life, I’ve developed a passion for anatomy and wellness which has given me the skills and knowledge to help others on their path of wellness. At the end the of 2019 I was able to step away from corporate massage world and start my own practice, Hurt So Good, which has allowed me to grow as a therapist and offer my clients the attention they deserve. My specialties include: Deep Tissue, Sports, and Swedish massage. As well experience in a number of other modalities including: Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular therapy, and Lymphatic drainage. I am currently renting a room in Maryville at Michelle’s Massage as well as taking home visits for clients with the available space. Alex can be reached at: 618-402-9253

Website: https://www.hurtsogoodlmt.com

Gift Cards: Available here

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Eliza Ahart
LMT-Maryville location
I graduated in 2011 from Sanford Brown College’s Therapeutic Massage Program and am a certified member of the ABMP. I continue to expand my massage knowledge through continued education in various areas each year. I offer a variety of massage modalities that incorporate relaxation techniques, acupressure to reduce stress and anxiety and deep tissue techniques. I am currently finishing my Ashiatsu Deep Feet certification as well as the NASM Certified Nutrition Coach certification course. As a Military wife I proudly offer my services to service members and Veterans. Eliza may be reached at: 618-975-3442
More about Eliza
Travis King
LMT-Maryville location
Anatomy and Physiology has been something that interests and drives my passion for massage therapy. I have been a massage therapist for about 6 years now and through that time I have accumulated many skills. At this time I am attending Physical Therapy Assistant school so my knowledge of the body grows everyday. Some modalities I specialize in are deep tissue massage, swedish massage, trigger point therapy, stretching, sports massage, myofascial release and hot stone massage. I can accommodate and adjust my pressure for just about anyone going from very light touch for some to deep muscle relief for others. My general goals are based upon your request but with some help of my guided expertise to alleviate muscle soreness and dysfunction. Some things I enjoy in my free time are making art/jewelry, hanging out with my cats and experiencing the outdoors.
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Angelica Barlow
LMT-Maryville location
I deliver healing from the heart with the art of bodywork and I love it! Massage therapy has changed my life in so many ways and I hope I can pass that same positive healing to you. I keep my energy relaxing and open as I listen to what works for you and your needs. Currently, a session with me can include Swedish, deep tissue, and myofascial release. I enjoy creativity and learning, so I’m always looking into new ways to keeping things effective, fresh, and fun. I am also currently training for even more modalities, so stay tuned!
More about Angelica
Anna Richey
LE-Maryville location
Hi, I am Anna Richey. I am a graduate from The Skin Institute and a licensed esthetician. I believe every client is a special opportunity to help them look and feel great about themselves. My passion for skincare and the science behind it is matched by the desire to create a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for my clients. I enjoy customizing facials to meet my clients skincare needs. I continue to follow and learn the latest advances in skincare and I look forward to sharing that with my clients. I truly enjoy every aspect of my career as an esthetician. I am a native of Edwardsville where I enjoy raising my two beautiful children Trenton and Kylie.
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Mariah Thery
LMT-Maryville location
Hello I am Mariah Thery (formerly Mariah Shane-Ferguson). I graduated from The Body Therapy Center and School of Massage in July in 2013. I have been trained in Deep Tissue, Swedish massage, hot stones, Reflexology, Prenatal, Stretching, Trigger Point Therapy, Chair Massage, Advanced Massage Techniques, and Sports Massage. I became interested in massage because of my grandfather, my mother and my cousin. My grandfather has neuropathy in his hands and feet and massage helps with those symptoms. My mother has bulging disc and massage helps relieve her pain. My cousin has fibromyalgia and massage helps relieve her symptoms temporarily. Once I started massage school I knew I wanted to help every person I possibly could. Mariah is available at our Maryville, IL location.
More about Mariah
Courtney Tepen
LE-Maryville location
Courtney is a licensed esthetician specializing in skin care facials, waxing, and classic eyelash extensions. Full bio coming soon! She is available now for online booking at our Maryville location on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays during the day.
More about Courtney
Diane Deis
RN, LMT-O'Fallon location
Diane's interest in massage was sparked during her nursing career in which patients loved a back massage from her! She had been practicing as a Registered Nurse for over 25 years. She worked in a nursing home and then a hospital, and then joined the Air Force and became commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in March, 1987. Throughout her 20 year tenure in the Air Force Nurse Corps, Diane worked as a clinical nurse, flight nurse, in quality risk management, disease management, and finally, at her last assignment, before retiring at the rank of Major, worked as an operations officer in aeromedical evacuation at Tanker Airlift Command and Control Center, Scott Air Force Base, IL.

Following her retirement, she continued to work as a clinical nurse in medical centers in St Louis. In 2010, she pursued her interest in massage by attending The Body Therapy Center, where she completed her certification the following year. After she became licensed, she continued to work as a nurse in a clinic while working part-time as a massage therapist up until 2014, when she became a full-time massage therapist in a chiropractic office and now here at Michelle's Massage Therapy. Diane has hours at both the O'Fallon and Maryville, IL locations.
More about Diane
Robin Hart
LMT, CNMT-O'Fallon location
I first became interested in becoming a massage therapist after I witnessed the transformative effects of myofascial release. I was working as a special education teacher with an early intervention program. There was an 18-month-old girl there with cerebral palsy. She was drawn up like a tight little ball, her muscles would not cooperate and she frequently cried with frustration. Our team had the opportunity to learn myofascial release techniques. We massaged her every day for around 6 weeks. Slowly her muscles relaxed to the point that she was able to stretch her tiny body out and propel herself down the hallway on a scooter board! That's when I promised myself I would learn more about massage. I found my passion!

A session with me might include, Swedish, neuromuscular massage, hot stone, aromatherapy, ashiatsu, and reflexology.

Robin has hours in O'Fallon and may be reached at: 719-209-6730
More about Robin
Amy Courtwright
LMT, BCTMB-O'Fallon location
Hi, I am a board certified, licensed massage therapist. I graduated from the Healing Arts Center in 2006. For over 15 years I worked in the corporate world before moving to massage full time in February of 2019. Seeing how the daily stresses of an office job can take a toll on a person's body has inspired me to specialize in relieving those tired shoulders, neck, and back. I combine many modalities in each session. Client favorites include hot stones, ashiatsu barefoot massage, cupping therapy, trigger point, and doTERRA aromatherapy. If you're in search of a deep tissue massage, I definitely recommend you booking an ashiatsu barefoot session with me. Client favorites include hot stones and Myofascial Release. Cupping Therapy and Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage available March 2019.

I’m available in the O'Fallon and Maryville locations by appointment:

O’Fallon: Sunday-Thursday (9am-9pm)

Website: https://amycmassage.ncbcertified.com

Gift Card Cafe: View my specials or purchase a gift card

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Elizabeth Adams
LMT-O'Fallon location
Online booking with Elizabeth is available for O'Fallon, IL location only. Select a location, service, and then provider. Hello! Some of my specialties include Trigger Point Therapy, deep tissue, and therapeutic massage. I also offer Swedish, relaxation massage, energy work, and aromatherapy. Massages are customized to incorporate different therapies and focus on any problem areas. Fully clothed massage is available also.

I have office hours at two locations:

Michelle's Massage Therapy--9 Eagle Center, Suite 3 O'Fallon, IL
Dr. Shu, MD, PhD--1600 Lebanon Avenue in Belleville, IL

Elizabeth is an independent contractor that has office space at Michelle's Massage Therapy. For more information about Elizabeth and her business you can visit here website: Hands Held Out Massage by Elizabeth Adams, LMT, NCTMB.
More about Elizabeth
Rodney Adams
LMT-O'Fallon location
Rodney is available for online booking at the O'Fallon, IL location only. Hello! I graduated from The Body Therapy Center and School of Massage. I am certified in Myofascial Release and have additional training in assisted isolated stretching. Prior to graduating massage school, I became interested in reflexology and received a certificate of study in St. Louis, MO in June, 2013.

I became interested in reflexology when I practiced on my grandson's feet. He had grand mal seizures when he became sick with a cold or flu. They were so intense and long lasting that he had to be put on oxygen. Since the sessions on his feet, he hasn't had another seizure. Our whole family is reaping the benefits of reflexology. I can incorporate reflexology into your massage session at no additional charge.

Rodney is an independent contractor who has office space at Michelle's Massage Therapy and in Belleville, IL. For more information about Rodney and his business, visit his website or you may call his cell: (618) 580-6021.
More about Rodney
Shelley Gavin
LMT, BCTMB-O'Fallon location
I am Shelley Gavin and I have been a Licensed, Board Certified Massage Therapist since 2006. I am available at the O'Fallon location. The first time I received a massage I absolutely loved everything about it. The effect massage has on the whole body, mind, and spirit is amazing. Whatever situation you are experiencing, physical pain or a stressful life, massage therapy can definitely help you. I will customize your session for your specific needs by using Swedish, Deep Tissue, Stretching, Cupping Therapy, Aromatherapy and Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage. Ashiatsu is my favorite kind of massage. I am up on the table using my feet to give you the most relaxing and BEST deep tissue massage ever. I absolutely love learning new techniques that will help you achieve your goals for relief and relaxation. This is your time to focus on YOU! I can be reached at: 618-973-2670
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Brenda Anthony
LMT-O'Fallon location
Healing work is my profession and my life’s path. My style is customized for each client and incorporates a blend of modalities including Swedish, Lymphatic Drainage, and Reiki. Lymphatic drainage is a light pumping technique that works to move stagnate fluid throughout the body. Relieving pain and pressure in joints, quickening the recovery of muscle tissue, and allowing new fluid to facilitate healing. Reiki is a light touch, deeply relaxing energy healing technique. Using a series of still hand placements, Reiki works with the body’s energy flow to bring stillness and rest. I feel everyone can benefit from Reiki, especially those dealing with anxiety, stress, grief, depression, and irregular sleep. Brenda is available Saturday evenings in O'Fallon.
More about Brenda
Carla Vandenburgh
LMT, NCTMB-O'Fallon location
Online booking for O'Fallon, IL location only. Select a location, service, and provider. Hi, my name is Carla Vandenburgh. I completed my training at The Body Therapy Center and School of Massage in Swansea, Illinois in 2010. I am certified in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Pre-natal, and Lymphatic massage.

I have office hours at two locations:
Michelle's Massage Therapy--9 Eagle Center, Suite 3, O'Fallon, IL
Dr. Shu, MD, PhD--1600 Lebanon Avenue in Belleville, IL

Carla is an independent contractor who has office space at Michelle's Massage Therapy. For more information about Carla and her business, visit her website or you may call her cell: (618) 978-7407.
More about Carla
Tessa Dengler
LMT-O'Fallon location
Tessa graduated from the Body Therapy Center, School of Massage in 2018, and earned her massage therapist license in 2018. She specializes in several modalities including Swedish, deep tissue, and MyoFascial Release; add to that an extensive knowledge of cupping therapy, hot stone therapy, prenatal & infant massage. She is continuing a personal interest studying herbalism and aromatherapy. She is a member of AMTA.

A military spouse/work-at-home Mom for 20 years, she has volunteered and worked with first responders, active duty military, and veterans with PTSD, as well as their dependents, to facilitate their process as they pursue building their health and wellness. She is a member of the VFW auxiliary.

Immersed in the health and wellness community at an early age, and fascinated by traditional & holistic medicine, and practices complementary to modern medicine, she found interests in herbalism, yoga, music/dance and art therapy, Anatomy/Physiology Body work, and Energy work. She became a reiki practitioner, finally earning the Reiki Master Teacher attunement in 2016.

Now, a cancer survivor and single mom, she is committed to beautifying and improving her environment, and helping make our community an enjoyable relaxing place to thrive.

Website: http://www.HandZenFeetWellness.com
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Gina Krieger
LMT-O'Fallon location
Gina is available alternate Sundays in O'Fallon from 9-3. She specializes in deep tissue.
More about Gina
Areas served:O'Fallon, IL; Shiloh, IL; Swansea, IL; Belleville,IL; Scott Air Force Base, IL; Mascoutah,IL; Fairview Heights,IL; St. Louis,MO; Collinsville, IL; Caseyville,IL; Lebanon, IL; Highland,IL; New Baden, IL; Nashville, IL; E. St. Louis, IL, Edwardsville, IL, Columbia, IL; Maryville, IL; Granite City, IL; Dupo, IL; Waterloo, IL, local massage therapist, massage near me